Check in Later For Details on the 2019 Race
Check-in and day-of registration opens at 9:00AM. Day-of registration is $5.00 extra per race entry.
5K Information
The 5K will begin at 10:00AM on Isham Road in Blue Back Square, West Hartford, CT (right outside the Cheesecake Factory and Barnes and Noble). Check-in and last minute registration will be available at 9:00AM. Be mindful that last minute registration on April 7th will have a $5.00 increase per race entry.
  1. Registration Check In
    Runners already registered will be able to arrive and easily check in at the registration tent using first and last name or team name. Day-of donations will be collected at the registration tent. Last minute registrations can also be completed with cash or a check to "Alpha Phi Omega, AZB".
  2. Parking
    Parking is available in the Town Hall lot, 50 South Main Street, West Hartford, as well as the Memorial and Isham Garages. Parking fees apply at all sites.
  3. Race Start and Finish
    The race will start and finish on Isham Road in Blue Back Square, West Hartford, CT 06117.
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